About Our VVA Chapter

VVA Chapter 351 is a local organization aligned with the Vietnam Veterans of America which was chartered by Congress in 1986 and is dedicated to Vietnam-era Veterans and their families. VVA actively promotes the following goals:

  • Advocate on issues important to veterans
  • Seek quality health care and well-being of veterans
  • Aid the lobbying effort for laws supporting veteran’s health care
  • Promote good public perception of the Vietnam veteran  
  • Continually seek the fullest accounting of POW/MIAs
  • Fully support our next generation of American war veterans
  • Serve the community in which we live

What We Do

  • We hold regular meetings on a monthly basis except during summer months.
  • We promote regular social events open to all veterans on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • We hold fundraising drives at local businesses to maintain our public visibility—called the Orange Blossom the POW/MIA Drives—which help pay for our programs and provide support to our local veterans and their families.
  • We organize and administer a mobile education program called Reflections of Vietnam which travels to high schools and other venues to teach young folks and the public about Vietnam in an effort to create a new identity for this generation of veterans and to positively change the public perception of Vietnam Veterans.
  • We organize and host seminars on Toxic Substances used in wars—open to the public—to help our citizens understand the long-term effects of these toxins on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.